About Us

We at bitcoinbuyersguide.com aim to guide you through the hurdlers of obtaining education and information in the field of trading and managing your risk in the industry.
Building up trust-able reviews and articles that will help you make the best choice for your trading platform. By giving you information and education based on our own mistakes and successes we want to help you become one of the more educated people in this industry.

Who are we?

We are a team of two people with over 10 years of combined experience in the crypto industry. As former workers in several cryptocurrency exchanges we know the best practices in the industry. Therefore, we’ve decided to take on a new path by qualifying and outlining the best practices. Every new or existing user on an exchange should be cautious and informed about before risking hard earned money.

What we aim for

We’ve taken on a mission to formally review and rank every legitimate cryptocurrency exchange. To test and offer the best possible information about instruments and risk management.
In this highly volatile market it’s very important to always stay on the edge of the always developing platforms. Never risk keeping your funds in a shady exchange or a trading platform that might disappear in the blink of an eye.

Therefore, by providing you with all of the data, which, we’ve personally researched and invested into, we aim to help you evade critical mistakes or fall for “too good to be true” platforms.

What’s against our principles

  • Promoting and highly ranking malfunctioning exchanges based on the affiliate commissions they provide.
    We prefer quality over quantity and what really matters to us is for the industry to get rid of scams and con artists.
  • Promoting and writing about any kind of ICOs, STOs, IEOs.
  • Any paid promotions of shady platforms or projects.

What will you find on our website

In bitcoinbuyersguide you will find reviews, articles, opinions and videos. On where and how to trade Bitcoin and other crypto. We will guide you through why cryptoccurencies, and especially Bitcoin matter.

Our main goal is to make the cryptocurrency industry a better place than the state we found it in. Bitcoin has the potential to change the way how we take on the financial industry. However the future is very unclear and you should always stay up to date by educating yourself. We aim to make the educational process easier.

Our reviews and articles contain multiple point of views, therefore, allowing you to make rational decisions. Aiding you or providing you with a new piece of information.  None of the information we provide is a financial advice, meaning that you should always do your own research before investing.

Have any questions?

Always feel free to contact us about any inquiry you may have using the form below. We will always be happy to get back in touch with you in the shortest time possible.

BitcoinBuyersGuide Team