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Dimitar Dimitrov

Staking on centralized platforms

Staking on centralized platforms like Binance and Coinbase is easier than ever.

What is Staking Staking can refer to 2 methods of earning passive income. One of them is related to the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validation mechanism of securing and decentralizing a chain and the other one is staking and locking your currency…

Resistance and Support

resistance and support in the crypto market

Resistance and Support levels Resistance and support levels are always important when it comes to technical analysis regardless if you’re trading commodities, forex or cryptocurrencies. These predetermined levels play important roles as they point out where the current trend might…

Cryptocurrency Trading Styles

Trading styles for effective cryptocurrency trading

Cryptocurrency trading styles The volatility in the cryptocurrency markets gives all sorts of variations when it comes to trading. The main difference between all trading styles is the timeframe of a particular trade and the frequency of trades executed per…

TradeSatoshi – UK based crypto exchange closes

TradeSatoshi a UK based cryptocurrency exchange shuts down

UK based crypto exchange TradeSatoshi has been operating since 2015 until the 20th of February, announcing its shut down. Negative reports from users unable to withdraw their funds are appearing on every social platform.  TradeSatoshi’s official announcement explained that they…

Is Bitcoin dead?

is bitcoin dead?

The question of the century! Is Bitcoin dead? The most common question in this industry usually asked by those who didn’t do their research on Bitcoin. How many times have Bitcoin been declared dead? Over 350+ times we have heard…