Best Bitcoin exchanges for Norway

best bitcoin exchanges for norway
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  • Recurring Automatic Purchases
  • High Liquidity
  • Has a Bank license
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  • High Security
  • Different Investment Options
  • Multiple Markets for trading
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  • Top of Security Class Exchange
  • High Liquidity
  • One of the best User Experiences
  • Stocks, Commodities and Crypto trading available
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  • Regulated
  • Good Reputation
  • Fast Support

Prominent events in Norway about Bitcoin

Events in 2013

Norway decides that Bitcoin is not a currency, but a taxable asset

Pizza24, a Swedish pizza delivery services start to accept Bitcoin

Events in 2014

Bitcoinsnorway a new Norwegian cryptocurrency exchange donates 5% from its profit to charity

Events in 2016

A Blockchain system is used for Norway to attract tourists thanks to Loyyal – a New York based company

Norway’s largest bank DNB introduces a new feature on its app – Vipps, giving the option for its clients to pay to companies through bank accounts or debit cards, thus making the buying of Bitcoin seamless

Events in 2017

Prosecutors want a pay up from drug dealers linked to Silkroad in Bitcoin in Norway.

Payza, a global payment service provider adds Bitcoin to its list of available currencies, giving the option to their users to send, receive and store bitcoins through the app.

OneCoin (a Ponzi scheme) receives an Ultimatum from the Norwegian authorities

Events in 2018

Bitfury is approved by the Norwegian government to open a Datacenter in Norway

Bitmynt AS loses the in court against Nordea in an appeal against closing the exchange‘s bank account

Bitcoin mining farms stop receiving subsidies from the government of Norway

Events in 2019

Android users in Norway can now purchase Ethereum through the Opera browser

Liberstad – the Anarcho-Capitalist smart city adopts crypto as THE method of value exchange

Accepting Bitcoin becomes a priority for the Norwegian Airlines

Bitcoin Millionaire makes a dangerous jump through a balcony to escape an armed robbery.