Best Bitcoin exchanges for Sweden

Sweden is a highly developed country where you will find a lot of options from whom you can choose. From small local providers to large and highly regulated exchanges offering Wire and SEPA transfers, debit and credit cards, etc…

What is the legal status of Bitcoin in Sweden?

Sweden has taken a favorable stance towards Bitcoin and has created a welcoming environment for blockchain businesses. The crypto industry has been further legitimized by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority – FSA (Finansinspektionen) which publicly asserts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, profit from buying and selling Bitcoins is not subjugated to Swedish VAT, it’s a subject to the FSA regulations with Bitcoin being treated as a currency. Businesses that deal with FIAT transfer, mostly for exchanges, have to apply for an approval and license, while also fulfilling all the AML, CTF and KYC requirements.

Sweden – One of the leaders!

The Nordic country is shaping up to be one of the leaders in the blockchain space with one of the most favorable environments for Bitcoin. The level of awareness for Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies is very high. Sweden’s capital Stockholm is the second largest Fintech hub in Europe.

Sweden is also one of the leaders in cashless societies with over 95% of the transactions being digital. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in general, may be perfect for the present and future environment development in Sweden.

Where to buy Bitcoin in Sweden?

You can buy Bitcoin in Sweden through the following exchanges:

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Where to trade Bitcoin in Sweden?

You can trade Bitcoin in Sweden through the following trading platforms:

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Prominent events in Sweden about Bitcoin

Events in 2014 

Sweden government turns to the European Union to come up with rules on VAT (Value-added Tax)

Sweden based payment processor Klarna tests a Bitcoin integration to serve US and Europe clients more efficiently.

Bitcoin-related business gets their bank accounts suspended from Nordea and other Swedish Banks

Events in 2015

The biggest Bitcoin consumer-oriented event is held in Stockholm

BTCX exchange takes the Swedish Tax Authority to court over the request to disclose the transaction history of over 20 000 customers

The 3rd largest bank in Sweden releases a whole page ad to explain its stance on Bitcoin in the biggest online newspaper – Swedish Dagbladet with the title “This May be Bitcoin’s Fatal Blow”

Stripe expands its payment services to Sweden, Finland, Norway, and Denmark becoming a direct competitor to Klarna

Events in 2016

Blockchain smart contracts are tested for land registering 

The Swedish Bank SEB invests in Danish blockchain payment service provider Coinify

Swedish Bitcoin Foundation warns against OneCoin – a famous Ponzi scheme in the crypto industry

Events in 2017

Blockchain smart contracts land registry finishes its second phase

Sweden officially starts using the blockchain land registry 

Nasdaq and SEB partner in a test for Mutual funds on Blockchain

Events in 2018

After two years of testing the first Blockchain property transaction is conducted by Lantmäteriet (Swedish land-ownership Authority)

Stockholm IT Ventures AB (SITV) obtains a software license agreement with Valens Bank

Events in 2019

Android users in Norway, Denmark and Sweden can purchase ETH (Ethereum) through the Opera browser

Swedish based exchange QuickBit is hacked, leaking sensitive information about its users.