Bitcoin charts and trading ideas – where to go?


Get involved – know where to go

When you get involved in the crypto industry, it is very likely to start searching for Bitcoin charts. It is even likely that some of you will go to trading platforms like PrimeXBT, Bybit, Bitmex or Deribit and will try trading with leverage. Thus you will need to search for trading ideas. In the beginning, it is very likely that you will look at the charts and will not understand anything. By not knowing how to read and use indicators you will most likely lose. This is why we will guide you to trading ideas and charts.

Building up the knowledge with research

In everything we do, we need to start with research, learn how to find and read charts. In the end, everything goes down to doing your own research to building-up the knowledge so you can find the right path. Everybody is different and therefore different strategies and actions work for each one of us. Some like to see charts and strategies that speak exactly the opposite to the majority. As some individuals like to call themselves contrarians, which said in a simple language is that at some point they like to bet against the current.

There are many places you can do research but you need to find a place where you will have a community. Reading trading ideas and analysis is very important if we want to have successful and educated trading sessions and investing.

Where to find Bitcoin charts and trading ideas?

People have created a website where you can share trading ideas, opinions, and analysis. Building a sizeable library from information that can definitely help you make a more informed choice. Why it is so important for you to learn to read charts? Because you will learn to better understand the behavior and cycles of the markets. Many people disregard this and start trading and investing blindly.

Even if you think that you are investing at the right time it is always good to read a few analyses and opinions. So you are even more certain about your decision and its long term potential. I recommend you to always go and read, in a way do a consultation through reading a long term analysis, like this one.

BITCOIN Gaussian turned green after 270 days! The BOTTOM IS IN ! by TradingShot on

When you are wondering about short term analysis and trading ideas you can always use Tradingview. It is a community sharing platform for traders and investors. There is a wide range of options for which you can do charting and read a different analysis. You will end up using it a lot if you decide to start day trading with leverage on platforms like PrimeXBT or Bybit. I recommend looking at charts for the short term that will explain where we may be headed in the short term, like this one:

$BITCOIN, Are Bulls Strong Enough? by BillCharison on

Of course, you will need to learn how to read the charts if you want to fully understand them. If you don’t know how to read and recognize the basic indicators you are bound to do very basic mistakes. It is possible that in the beginning, you may confuse thinking that an indicator tells you that the market will go in one way, but it meant the opposite. Things like this can happen, this is why you first learn how to understand/read correctly some of the most important indicators. Indicators like RSI, Ichimoku clouds, MACD, etc… For example, here you can find an explanation of how the RSI works.

Start building your knowledge and join a community, it is bound to make you a better trader and investing. Share ideas, opinions, and personal analysis don’t be afraid to express your opinion.

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