Articles about Bitcoin, about its characteristics, about education and opinions on it.

Supply/Demand, How the price of Bitcoin moves


Markets and Human Behavior Supply and Demand – Why this ratio is very important. Do you want to know how the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies moves and why? Have you ever wondered about this subject? If the answer to those two questions is yes, this may be the article for you. Many people […]

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How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase


A step-by-step guide Have you ever been in a situation where you wonder how to buy Bitcoin? If yes, then this guide on how to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase will be quite of help. Especially if you are new and are feeling lost, lost in all of the options and cryptos. And lucky for you […]

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Is Bitcoin dead?


The question of the century! Is Bitcoin dead? The most common question in this industry usually asked by those who didn’t do their research on Bitcoin. How many times have Bitcoin been declared dead? Over 350+ times we have heard different people declaring Bitcoin dead. Why has this happened? Why do we see people disbelieving […]

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How to survive a bear market


It is not easy! If you have not experienced a big bear market, oh boy, it is really hard. You have prices falling all over the place, you have lower and lower volume. Basically, you have full chaos going on at the beginning of the bear market. Fear, hope everything is flowing in the air […]

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The 4 year Bitcoin cycle

bitcoin cycle

Adoption cycles of Bitcoin Not many people know about the Bitcoin cycle. I wonder why? Maybe because they don’t do enough research or maybe because people just don’t care. Either way not learning about this may cost many people potential gains or losses. For me personally, it is very interesting how Bitcoin is following 4-year […]

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Bitcoin charts and trading ideas – where to go?


Get involved – know where to go When you get involved in the crypto industry, it is very likely to start searching for Bitcoin charts. It is even likely that some of you will go to trading platforms like PrimeXBT, Bybit, Bitmex or Deribit and will try trading with leverage. Thus you will need to […]

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Bitcoin terms – how to understand a crypto investor!


Getting involved with Bitcoin – get ready! Have you ever felt overwhelmed when you go somewhere and on every step you hear something new? If you are planning to get involved with Bitcoin get ready for a lot of new terms. Expect to learn not only crypto terms when you get involved with Bitcoin but […]

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How to secure Bitcoin and altcoins


Is it important to secure your Bitcoin and altcoins One of the most important aspects in the cryptocurrency space is security. It is very important to secure your Bitcoin properly as the risks are real as it makes your own bank. Therefore what this means is that now you have a much bigger responsibility towards […]

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Why institutions buying Bitcoin matters.

institutions buying Bitcoin

They know it and they buy it If we reached the moment where institutions are buying Bitcoin then we are in for something truly significant in the coming years. Something very big is brewing up and you can see that everyone’s eyes are on Bitcoin. They are building for it and they are buying it. […]

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Why Bitcoin is important

why bitcoin

Every few decades there is a radical invention Bitcoin is maybe the most important invention at the moment. With the world going forward and technologies advancing quicker and quicker, there is one thing that has not advanced almost for many years – money. Bitcoin is a new radical invention that changes how we think about […]

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