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How to start trading on PrimeXBT


A guide that will lead you through the steps to start trading on PrimeXBT Getting started with a new platform such as PrimeXBT can be a little bit confusing if you are newer and unfamiliar with leverage trading. PrimeXBT is a platform that has a lot to offer with the highest leverage in the industry […]

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How to start trading on Bybit


A simple guide on Bybit to get you started Everybody has been in a situation where he wonders how to start trading on Bybit or another exchange/trading platform like this. We will get you through the needed steps for you to start trading on this amazing platform. If you are not familiar with Bybit yet, […]

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The potential of Bybit – the next big trading platform.


The potential of Bybit Why Bybit may be one of the biggest platforms in the near future. We all see what is the most desired product in the trading sector of the crypto industry – high leverage trading. Exchanges like Binance adding it to their services. High potential platforms emerging and attracting big volume very […]

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Crypto trading – are you ready?


Volatile industry, are you ready? Crypto trading is not for the faint-hearted, it is not for the ones that cannot accept a potential loss. It is about the ones that dare to try the new, the unknown the one filled with excitement. There are many people like you who are like this, but they don’t […]

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Trading Bitcoin – Is it profitable?

Bitcoin trading

You need to have a certain mindset to be profitable Many people ask the question if that trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are profitable. Everybody is different and has different methods and risk tolerance and in trading and investing you need to have a certain mindset. You can’t just go in and expect to profit […]

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How do leverage positions work?

Open leverage positions

What is Leverage Trading? Leverage trading and leverage positions are a type of operating facility. It is offered by different brokers or trading platforms and has different types of design of the way it works. In its core, leverage trading comes down to the broker “lending” funds to the trader for a few conditions. It […]

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Leverage trading platforms fee comparison

Bitmex Primexbt Deribit Bybit

Knowing your fees Knowing your fees on leverage trading platforms is one of the most important things a trader can do. It does not only come down to UI, stability or security, but fees also play a big role when you decide on which leverage trading platform to use. Sometimes crypto leverage trading platforms apply […]

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Is Bitmex legit platform

Bitmex mainpage

The biggest leverage trading platform – Bitmex Bitmex – the biggest leverage trading platform in the crypto industry. In this topic, we will dive down and explain why we think that this great platform is legit and secured. Why feeling secure in the crypto industry while you hold your Bitcoins on an exchange is not […]

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Is PrimeXBT a scam or a trustworthy platform?

PrimeXBT trade desk

Every new platform that is growing fast usually have acquisitions for being a scam. Just like PrimeXBT, a leverage trading platform with high leverage of 100x. If you search on the web you can find many posts that blame it for being a scam. But let’s not forget that competitors in the space hire people […]

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Calculating your profit on PrimeXBT

Primexbt trading coffee

Trading with high leverage can be very lucrative but for you to fully utilize its potential you need to know how to correctly calculate your potential/current profit/loss on one of the fastest growing leverage trading platforms – PrimeXBT. Before starting to trade on PrimeXBT you need to know that the platform settles all profit and […]

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