Two completely different platforms, yet so similar!

Yet, here we are comparing another two big platforms – PrimeXBT vs Deribit. Both aiming to be the best of the best in their respective fields. Different and yet so close to each other, offering similar and unique products when you compare them to their other competitors Bybit and Bitmex. All of the platforms here we mentioned are leverage trading platforms and PrimeXBT and Deribit are the ones that go the extra mile in their products.

In this comparison, we are again comparing a newer platform with an older one. PrimeXBT is founded in 2019, it is new, innovative and expanding fast. Deribit, on the other hand, is a more established player in the industry as it is founded in 2016. Continuing to be the most secure and stable leverage trading platform.

We are going to compare their interfaces and their products. While we want you to make a better choice or maybe even use both. Why both? You will understand in this comparison why maybe you can use the two platforms simultaneously. Both have built compelling and desirable products for every trader out there.

Round 1

PrimeXBT vs Deribit UI Comparison

Both platforms have a very nice interface, being dark and well designed by default. It is obvious when you have a good UI design and you will find it on PrimeXBT and on Deribit. A good UI is very important, especially if you plan to have long trading sessions.

The UI of PrimeXBT is one of the best in the industry and you can see it from afar. It is fully customizable giving the opportunity to create the ultimate trading space. I am sure that there are traders out there that desperately are in need to have a fully customizable interface. Therefore if you are one of those traders you may have found your platform.

Primexbt interface

Deribit, on the other hand, doesn’t have a fully customizable interface. For those looking for a customizable interface don’t look here. There are only two options for UI customization – dark and white. But the interface is well put that for not so pretentious traders it may be perfect. Of course, it depends on the traders.

Deribit White UI
Deribit Dark UI

While the two platforms are offering compelling interfaces, one of them wins because it offers nice customization options. I find the interfaces of both platforms very good, both suitable for long trading sessions. This choice was hard but the newer platform has an edge.

Round 1 Winner – PrimeXBT

Round 2

PrimeXBT vs Deribit Security Comparison

Both platforms offer a significant level of security, applying the best practices in the industry. Having the mandatory Hot and Cold wallets, both platforms also apply a confirmation when you add an address for withdrawal. Even though the two platforms have very high security, one of them is just one level higher. Maybe it is because it is much longer on the market and had time to develop. Deribit has one very important feature when compared to PrimeXBT – an insurance fund. If a breach occurs on Deribit and funds are stolen from their hot wallets, they will cover the loses. And let’s add that it has never had any hacks/breaches or loss of user funds since the first day. PrimeXBT has very high security but Deribit is the one that shines in this round.

Round 2 Winner – Deribit


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Round 3

PrimeXBT vs Deribit Deposits and Withdraws Comparison

Deposits and withdraws are important but both platforms are not rich in many options. They offer BTC deposits and withdrawals. There are no other altcoins available, which is unfortunate. PrimeXBT process the withdrawals once per day between 12:00 and 13:00 UTC. While Deribit processes them right away depending on the liquidity in the hot wallet and you can choose the priority (Very low, High, Very High and Insane). Here comes the big difference between the two platforms as PrimeXBT also offers deposits from Debit/Credit cards through Changelly. Thus taking the round win as it offers a little bit more.

Round 3 Winner – PrimeXBT

Round 4

PrimeXBT vs Deribit Trading Instruments Comparison

Both platforms have something that is unique in this round. Deribit offers perpetual contracts trading with 100x on BTC and ETH, and Options trading. This is one of the reasons why you may end up using both platforms if you find this instrument desirable. PrimeXBT offers 100x leverage trading on BTC/ETH/LTC/EOS/XRP to USD and ETH/LTC/EOS/XRP to BTC. On top of that, it also offers commodities/stock indices and forex for trading with up to 1000x on EUR/USD. If you choose PrimeXBT as your main trading platform you get exposure to a wide range of markets and instruments.

Round 4 Winner – PrimeXBT

Round 5

PrimeXBT vs Deribit Trading Fees Comparison

PrimeXBT has one of the lowest fees in the industry, leading with a flat fee of 0.05%. Deribit is joining prime also with very low fees with 0.05% for Taker and 0.02% for Makers. With both offering so low fees it makes both platforms perfect for day trading. If you want to know more about trading fees on more platforms you can read here.

Round 5 – Tie


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Who is the winner?
The new and bold.

The newer platform wins, and don’t wonder why. It is because the newer platforms tend to take more risk with their products. Being bold may reward them in the future as they continue to roll out new features and instruments. Deribit is a very good platform, but PrimeXBT just offers much more. You may use Deribit for Options trading but PrimeXBT offers you exposure to a lot of options. They will even roll out a new and bold product – copy-trading in the near future thus making their platform even more sophisticated for the ordinary users in crypto. Therefore it is bound to grow as it will attract not only experienced traders but ordinary people who want to trade through copy-trading.

But if you want the ultimate trading environment you should use both. Deribit for the options trading and PrimeXBT for everything else. Giving you an even better chance to make the ultimate profit from trading. With 3 to 1 and 1 Tie, the winner is decided.

Winner: PrimeXBT