Cex Review

This review of CEX will inform you about the basics characteristics of the exchange and help you with your decision. CEX launched in 2013 as a cloud mining provider and becoming a cryptocurrency exchange winning the hearts of more than a million people. As it was launched in 2013 it is one of the oldest exchanges in the crypto industry.

It offers a wide range of instruments, a wide range of deposit and withdraws options and margin trading. Therefore making it one of the more diversified exchanges on the market, some user value to have exposure/diversification. CEX is one of the platforms that is adding new instruments for its user. Since its inception as a cloud mining provider, it continues to evolve according to what is needed on the market.

CEX Features Review

Supported countriesWorldwide
Deposits10+ Cryptocurrencies, Credit/Debit cards, Wire transfer, SEPA
Min. Deposit20$
Max. Withdrawal LimitDepends on the account verification level
Trading fee0.16%
Supportlive chat
Mobile appiOS/Android

CEX Security Review

Since the beginning, CEX has no breaches or loss of user funds thus making it one of the most secure exchanges on the market. This is quite remarkable considering the number of breaches we see every day even on the biggest exchanges. At least we know that there are few exchanges/trading platforms like Bitpanda and Deribit. Boosting over one million users it is required for the exchange like this to keep its security to a high level. Utilizing security basic security practices like SMS log-in confirmation and direct-call confirmation all the way to the mandatory use of hot and cold wallets, DDOs protection, SSL certificates, etc…

We can easily consider CEX one of the best-secured exchanges and on top of that, it holds a number of certificates. Therefore proving even more that this is a very well managed exchange. Boasting a DLT license from Gibraltar allowing it to operate on even a bigger number of countries and states in the US.

CEX Deposits and withdraws Review

One thing I like about CEX is its deposit options for FIAT. First, you have the option to deposit through Debit/Credit cards, International Bank transfer, Domestic Bank transfer, SEPA, Faster Payments depending on the currency of your choice. For FIAT currency as deposits and withdraws, you have USD/EUR/GBP/RUB. Those are quite the option for FIAT and I really like it as diversification is always welcomed.

From the cryptocurrency side, you have the option to choose from 14 options for deposits. Leaving you with options such as BTC/ETH/BCH/BTG/LTC/DASH/ZEC/XRP etc… Personally, I prefer to see a lot of options for any situation, the ability to choose.



For limits on cryptocurrency withdrawal, you will not find any. But for FIAT withdraws you find limits based on your account verification level. The basic verification level limit is 1000$ per day due to AML requirements. You can increase the limit if you are willing to verify your identity.

CEX User Interface Review



The interface on the exchange is fairly straightforward, a little bit overwhelming. It does the job but you cannot customize it accordingly to your preferences. Even though it is not hard to navigate as everything is following a logical path, it is too much. You need to scroll quite a bit to see all of the information and even to make an order. The interface being only white is quite disappointing as it is heavy on the eyes if you plan to use it in a dark room.

As you can see on the left you have the pairs for fast access. What I like here is that shows the 24h change/volume and price. Which is a very useful indicator if you want to flip some coins or buy a flash crash if you happen to catch it. Right beside the pair tab, you will find the chart with the market depth below. The chart is pretty basic, but don’t worry as you have a button that will open a new chart window with advanced charting instruments. I don’t like they have made it separated, but assuming that most will use this exchange mostly for direct buying of crypto and holding it is not a big problem.

The order tab


As we mentioned the design logic is to put everything one after another making it a little bit tiresome to scroll so much. If you are expecting to find additional order options you may be disappointed. As this exchange is pretty straightforward, nevertheless they have margin trading as well which is separated overall. Unfortunately, you cannot move any tab so you are stuck with this old-style design.

Active Orders and Trade history tabs


If you want to see your trade history and active orders you need to scroll all the way down. It is unfortunate that you need to do so many actions to see all of the important information. But considering that the exchange is life since 2013 and cannot be changed just like that. As the long term users which are most likely driving the biggest volume on the platform are used to the design logic. Most likely the most important users will not welcome big design changes. This is why we have exchanges like Kucoin and Bitpanda where you will find a modern design.

Margin trading UI part of the platform


The margin trading has a completely different face and is suitable for long term trading sessions. Boosting a dark interface that goes easy on your eyes is a very good addition to the main exchange UI. Consider this that CEX is made by two parts FIAT gateway and a margin trading platform.

In this part of the exchange, the design is made to have all of the information in one place so you have quick access to everything needed. Therefore making it suitable for trading and making informed decisions. The chart also boosts better design and much more instruments giving you better-charting possibilities.


This is the order tab for margin trading where you set up your positions. Here you have everything required to have good trading sessions and properly manage your leverage position. If you want to understand how leverage positions work read it in our article here. For those searching a lot of options with a good leverage trading platform, you may have found the one. In conclusion words for the UI of CEX all, I can say that the main exchange badly needs an update. While the margin trading UI design is much better and modern. Of course, it is not perfect and it needs more work but it will do the job.

Trading fees breakdown

The trading fees on CEX are not small when you compare it to some other exchanges like Binance. But considering that the FIAT options and withdraws are on point here and one of the few exchanges that offer them, I would say that I can look the other way. Don’t get me wrong, the fees are not astronomically high, they are just on the higher spectrum found in the crypto industry.

Cryptocurrency Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

Let’s start with deposits and withdraw on the crypto side. On the deposit side, you don’t have fees. When you send your cryptocurrency to the exchange the whole amount is credited to your account. For withdrawals, you have different very small fees for every crypto. For example, the withdrawal fee for BTC is 0.00050000 which is around 5$ at this moment. The ETH withdrawal fee is 0.01000000, which is around 2$. Overall this is a pretty standard fee size for such exchanges.

FIAT Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

The FIAT deposit and withdrawal fees are not low but considering what else we have on the market I would say that the proposition here is balanced.

For USD/EUR/GBP/RUB deposits through VISA debit/credit cards in percentages is the same for all of them – 2.99%, it is unfortunate that for every deposit they take a cut.

For Banks Transfers the deposit fee is 0, they don’t take anything. Also with ACH/SEPA/Faster/Payments – for USD/EUR/GBP respectively the deposit fee is also non-existent, unfortunately, there are no bank transfers for RUB.

Withdrawing is where the fees hurt mostly as you have service charge up to 3% + 1.20$ for USD/1.50€ for EUR/2.10£ for GBP and commission up to 3.80$ for USD/3.50€ for EUR/2.90£ for GBP for VISA debit/credit cards.

For MasterCard withdrawals, the service charge is up to 1.8% + 1.20$ for USD/1.50€ for EUR/2.10£ for GBP and commission up to 1.20% + 3.80 for USD/1.20% + 3.50€ for EUR/1.20% + 2.90£ for GBP.

Quite the hurdle to go through all of the fees put in place from the debit/credit card providers. Now let’s move on to the withdrawals through Bank Transfers. The fee there is 0.3% + 25$ for USD/0.3% + 25€ for EUR/0.3% + 25£ for GBP.

For withdrawals, through ACH/SEPA/Faster Payments the fee is 0. No charge upon withdrawals but of course, the services may have fees that are separated from the exchange thus you are bound to pay the service provider for the transfers to your bank account.

Trading fees

The trading fees on the exchange are on the higher spectrum, therefore, some people may not like that. They also change with the volume that you are having on the platform so the more you trade the less the fee will be. But considering that most people won’t have so much BTC to trade with a high volume this is a bumper.

Trade Volume 30d, BTCTakerMaker

CEX Options and Order types Review

CEX is a diversified exchange with all of the FIAT options for deposits and withdrawals that it has – USD/EUR/GBP/RUB. What is even better, that of the cryptocurrencies that are offered here as an option you can trade all of them against a FIAT pair. Which is very rare to be able to trade the smaller altcoins directly with FIAT.

Trading options

For cryptocurrency trading, you have:


All of those options you can trade against FIAT and against BTC and ETH. They are offering a full package here, which I find very alluring. Some of you will find this a very nice addition as you have exposure to 4 FIAT currencies and many cryptocurrencies and projects with great potential.

On the margin part of the exchange, you can leverage trade quite a few pairs. Offering 7 pairs for leverage trading with 10x, CEX is putting itself on one of the more richer trading platforms. There is only one negative and it is that allows leverage of only 10x on the 7 pairs:


Order types 

On the main exchange, you will find the standard orders – Limit and Market orders which are sufficient if you want to just buy or sell occasionally. But for day trading they lack stop-loss and take-profit as options. Don’t worry those options are found on the other part of the exchange – the margin trading. Where you will find the platform having advanced order types and additional order settings. 

On the margin part of the exchange, you have Limit/Market orders with stop-loss and take-profit protection options. You also have two more – Stop and OCO order types giving you the full package so you have the best experience trading with a max of 10x leverage. One more feature that I like a lot is that you have a demo account on the margin platform. Thus making it safer to learn how the leverage design logic works.

CEX Affiliate Program Review

The affiliate program of CEX is quite simple, one level and you get 30% from the trading fees. Personally, I see 30% as a very good offering considering the high trading fees. Simple and effective, this is how I define this affiliate program. You can easily build up quite the passive income through users registering with your link.

Is CEX a scam?

Considering that CEX is on the market since 2013 and has numerous certificates and licenses we can clearly say that it is not a scam. They managed to build-up themselves as one of the most secure exchanges on the market. They can operate worldwide and hold a DLT license from Gibraltar making it one of the first with that kind of license.

CEX review Conclusion

If you search for a good FIAT gateway where you can trade every available crypto directly to FIAT you have found your platform. If you search for hundreds of crypto offerings and different small-cap projects this is not your place. With 4 FIAT options for deposit and the big cryptocurrencies available this is a very good option on the exchange market. Not every platform can offer so much on the FIAT side. Of course, there are exchanges with better design, better instruments design, etc…

While it also offers a margin trading platform besides a regular exchange it offers only 10x leverage. While competitors like PrimeXBT, ByBit, Bitmex and Deribit offer 100x leverage on numerous crypto pairs CEX is a little behind. Nevertheless, if you don’t like to trade with high leverage but with a lower one, this may be the exchange for you. As it is secure, stable and has never been hacked and never has lost user funds.

Pros / Cons
  • 4 FIAT options for deposit
  • All of the crypto is traded against FIAT
  • Regular exchange and Margin trading platform in one
  • Regulated
  • Lackluster UI
  • Cannot modify the UI
  • Low Leverage
  • Mandatory KYC

CEX - one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges on the market offering 4 FIAT options and 10 cryptocurrencies for trading plus a margin trading platform besides a regular exchange