Naga Review

This Naga review will show you why it is a diverse trading platform with a lot of options for trading and a social trading system built-in. Regulated by the CySec you will find a secure and reliable platform with many additional features and instruments compared to other platforms like Binance or KuCoin.

On the platform, you can even trade CS:GO items on top of the other financial instruments. You can use the social trade to make even more profit.

Naga is one of the most widespread platforms with its wide range of markets and its main feature – social trading.

NOTE: Naga also has a KYC form that you need to complete in order to start trading with no limits.

Naga Features Review

MarketsCrypto/Forex/Gaming/Equities/Commodities/Stock Indices
Supported countriesWorldwide with the exception of USA, Canada, Belgium, China, Japan, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria
DepositsBank transfers, Credit/Debit cards, Neteller, Skrill, BTC/ETH/XRP/DASH/LTC/BNB/NGC and more
Min. Deposit$1
Max. Withdrawal LimitNone
Trading feeVariable for every asset
Supportticket based support
Mobile appNone

Naga Security Review

Naga is utilizing good security as it is dependable on CySec supervision. With the standard for the industry two-factor authentication, they have also added a facial recognition verification, which is an automated process. The platform stores its crypto on Hot and Cold wallets as it is a mandatory feature for everyone today.

While making sure the with the help of white hackers testing the platform they also run internal tests as Naga uses a lot of resources for its security and reliability.

Naga Deposits and withdraws Review

Naga is one of the platforms with most options for deposits and withdraws. As it is regulated it is open to many options such as Credit/Debit cards, Trustly, Naga card, Neteller, Skrill, giropay, and crypto (BTC/ETH/DASH/LTC/BCH/NGC/BNB).

For withdraw, you have the option to do so to Bank account, Credit card, eWallet, and crypto.

This is one of the platforms with most options for deposits and withdraws. Searching for a lot of options Naga may be the one to go to.

The max amount you can deposit is 10 000$ and you have no limitation when you withdraw.

Naga User Interface Review

Naga markets page

The interface of the platform is somewhat standard and limited as you cannot adjust it to your preference, you have no moveable tabs, only comes in option. If you are searching for a customizable platform, unfortunately, this is not the one to be looking at. Even though you have many markets you can trade on – Crypto/Gaming/Forex/CFD/ETFs/Equities/Futures/Commodity Futures. Having so many options really compensates for the interface, of course, the die-hards searching for a dark interface will never be convinced.

Naga simple UI

When you choose an instrument that you want to trade it will forward you to a dedicated page where you can buy and sell with either limit or market rate. Pretty basic options considering how many other options the platform is offering. You have the mandatory stop-loss and take profit.

It is more like a platform for investing and managing a long term hold instead of a day trading platform as it was created in 2013 when the main focus was most likely Equities trading and investing.

The platform also has a dedicated crypto exchange where you will find a familiar place if you are coming from with crypto background.

Naga advanced UI top

Naga Advanced UI bottom

Naga crypto exchange is pretty basic but it serves it’s purpose if you want to convert FIAT to BTC or the other available cryptos. The interface again is similar to the rest of the platform.

Don’t get me wrong Naga is an extensive platform with a certain target in mind.

Naga deposit page

Naga implies its own crypto wallet on-site and you can store: BTC/BCH/BNB/DASH/ETH/LTC/XRP/NGC. You have multiple options to send your crypto to email address/wallet address and to the Naga crypto exchange (Nagax).

Naga transfer options

Having a messenger build into the platform you get one more layer of interaction. Having a social aspect on a platform can be quite engaging when discussing trading ideas.

Messenger page

Trading fees breakdown

With so many markets for trading, it will be hard to go through all of the instruments on the platform.


Margin requirement: 5%
Commission: 0%
Swap Long: -2.45
Swap Short: -5.15

Margin requirement: 3.33%
Commission: 0%
Swap Long: -5.08
Swap Short: -0.96


Margin requirement: 100%
Commission: 0%
Swap Long: -25%
Swap Short: -20%

Margin requirement: 100%
Commission: 0%
Swap Long: -25%
Swap Short: -20%


Margin requirement: 10%
Commission: 0%
Swap Long: -5.47
Swap Short: -7.54

Stocks CFDs

Margin requirement: 20%
Commission: 0.10%
Swap Long: -1.04
Swap Short: -0.08

Margin requirement: 20%
Commission: 0.10%
Swap Long: -2.93
Swap Short: -0.23

Naga has low fees which are perfect if you want to day trade on the platform.

Naga Options and Order types Review

With the inclusion of so many markets and options, Naga is to be considered a leader in diversity. On the platform you can trade Forex/Crypto/Indices/Stock CFDs/Commodities/Futures/ETFs/Gaming/Interest CDFs. Truly a lot of options even for the most demanding traders.

You also have Auto-Copy where you can choose traders and follow their trades, you also have CYBO trader where an algo will do the choices for you. The only minus I see here is the high limit – 1000$ to set it up.

Naga has the standard Market and Limit orders accompanied with stop-loss and take-profit. Not too many options on that front but they are the most common used. The platform is quite limited as you will not find advanced order types as OCO or Iceberg.

Affiliate program

They have 3 options for their program –  Online affiliate/Introducing broker and Refer a partner. A lot of choices but the overall opportunity for you to make a good income on the platform is lower than the competitors.

Online affiliate: For every qualified trader you get 1200$ CPA

Introducing a broker: You will be paid for every active client referred

Refer a partner: Up to 20% from the commissions

Is Naga a scam?

Being regulated by CySec assures us that it is clearly not a scam. All of the available options for deposits and withdraws, markets and social-trading, Naga is a legitimate trading platform that can lead you to great ROI.

Naga Review Conclusion

Going into Naga at first can be overwhelming with all of the options available, but once you get used to it you can have a blast trading, copy-trading and play with the auto advisor on the platform. If you look for a really diversified platform with exposure to every possible market including gaming, this is the platform that you should consider trading on.

If you are a professional trader and want to put your skills to work, use the option to be copy-traded from other people and get more income.

You are more of a person who wants just to copy-trade and use the automatic tools at your disposal, Naga is the place for you.

Keep in mind that the platform has high limits and a KYC process. Maybe you still can’t decide if you want to trade on Naga, you should try the demo account.

Want to build a strong portfolio, highly diversified? Consider coming to this platform and make a killing on the markets with its instruments.

Pros / Cons
  • Wide range of markets
  • Lot of options for deposit and withdraw
  • Social trading
  • CYBO auto invest
  • Lack of advanced order types
  • Lack of UI customization
  • KYC

Naga is a trading platform with a wide range of instruments and markets, adding even CS:GO items in the mix besides social trading.