Wasabi Wallet Review


Wasabi is one of the best privacy-oriented wallets for Bitcoin. It offers unprecedented privacy, security, and control over your Bitcoins and your Bitcoin transactions. Privacy is increasingly needed in times when digital theft is becoming more common. By using Wasabi, you are able to increase the security of the Bitcoins that you store on your device. 

Wasabi Wallet, although with a lot of useful privacy features come at a price, it is very technical for most people overall. In this review, we will explain why Wasabi Wallet, although a great place to store, send, and receive Bitcoin, is not suitable for new people just getting started with Bitcoin.

On which platforms is Wasabi available?

Wasabi Wallet is available on desktop devices running macOS, Windows 10, Debian, Ubuntu, and other Linux operating systems.

Privacy features

In Wasabi Wallet you will find several privacy features that will give you the advantage of transacting bitcoin privately to some extent. Thanks to the built-in Coinjoins, Tor, and control features, your privacy will be on a high level.

Built-in Coinjoins


Coinjoin is a feature that allows multiple people to literally combine their Bitcoins into one transaction. By using Coinjoin, you break the input-output link so that your coins cannot be associated with an input. Wasabi offers trustless and private Coinjoin transactions, where the coordinator can’t spy even if he wanted to, thanks to Schnorr. 

Tor Integration

Tor is integrated into Wasabi, meaning that it routes the traffic, onion routing the traffic to and from the network. This feature provides higher privacy as the network communication is hidden from outsiders together with the IP address.

Coin Control Features

One neat feature that Wasabi offers is Coin Control where it provides full control over each coin. For you to spend a certain coin you must manually select it a.k.a choosing which coins are included in a specified transaction output.

User Experience


Wasabi wallet is definitely a wallet for tech-savvy people who are able to use advanced, more complicated settings through a not-so-user-friendly interface. It is very simple in its design, reminiscent of the 90s design style of the programs built back then. 

Even though it is simple, it can be hard to navigate if you are used to more modern programs with clear buttons and menus. This is a big negative aspect of Wasabi Wallet besides all the positive aspects it has. The user interface is in dire need of a redesign. Nevertheless, the current design is effective and gives you full control and a clear view of your Bitcoins and transactions. 


Wasabi is a great privacy-oriented bitcoin wallet that offers full control over your transactions. Coinjoins, Tor integration, and Coin Control feature make it one of the most comprehensive bitcoin wallets in the industry. There is only one other wallet that offers a similar level of control over your Bitcoins and it is Samourai wallet which is a mobile wallet, while Wasabi is desktop-only for now. 

The only shortcoming Wasabi has is the interface design. It is outdated and thus as a result of that introducing a high entry barrier for most people as it is difficult to navigate at first. Overall, Wasabi is the right wallet for you if you want maximum privacy while having full control over your Bitcoins on your PC.

Wasabi is a desktop bitcoin wallet that puts emphasis on privacy and coin control features that are not found on most bitcoin wallets.