Trading FOREX or Bitcoin – Which one is better?

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Forex or Bitcoin – trading opportunities are found everywhere

Trading Forex or Bitcoin – Have you ever wondered which one you should trade – Forex or Bitcoin? Don’t worry you have come to the right article on which we will help you choose. Or maybe the answer is much more complicated as opportunities are found everywhere in different situations. Every market is different and presents a whole different world, completely different analysis and trading opportunities. Therefore we will help you understand why maybe you should follow both markets. While explaining why the power of leverage is big and shouldn’t be underestimated.

There is nothing wrong with you trading only one market or asset. But it is always better if you understand the basics of most of the markets. As you will be able to make more coordinated decisions. Sometimes markets correlate to each other and the problems in one can mean positive movement in the other.

Trading Forex or Bitcoin?

Both markets represent opportunities and on both, you have platforms that offer leverage. For Forex you definitely need to have high leverage which you will find on PrimeXBT from the reviewed platforms on our site. Therefore you can trade the small movements. Make a considerable profit even if the market movements are minuscule. On the other hand, you have the cryptocurrency market which is highly volatile and trading it can be exciting and dangerous at the same time.

One of the markets is unpredictable as it is fairly new and only 10 years since its inception. This is Bitcoin – as it is still in the beginning and being very limited is what causes its volatility. Forex on the other side has been here for much longer than Bitcoin. It has history, you can rely on global relations for information that can point to where the price will go. It has much bigger liquidity than the crypto market.

Why would I prefer the crypto market?

Some people want and like to trade something that interests them and that is exciting like Bitcoin. People like to feel special and to be one of the first to trade the new as in the beginning the potential profits are big. Big from investment and trading standpoint. We are living in a fast-changing world and some like to take that opportunity and venture into the unknown. A young and exciting asset that has volatility over the top – perfect for the bravest and most experienced traders. If you wonder if Bitcoin is profitable for trading you can read in this article here.

Forex, on the other hand, has history and a lot of factors that you can rely upon. Don’t get me wrong, you can profit a lot in Forex too, but trading crypto is much more lucrative when there is big volatility. The good thing is that the trading instruments both for Forex and Bitcoin are the same. The difference is in what kind of asset you are trading.

Trading both – Bitcoin and Forex is the best to ensure yourself. The best thing we can do is to have exposure to both markets because at some point we will see more volatility the market that should have been calmer. There are good trading ideas for Forex and for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Therefore you should look for a trading platform that has exposure to the two markets – PrimeXBT. The best thing we can have is having exposure to all of the most important and biggest markets like Forex/commodities/stock indices besides crypto.

Too much for you to trade more than one market?

Maybe for beginners will be too much, too big of a task to trade more than one market. If you are new the best thing you can do is focus on one market and learn everything you can. Most importantly first you need to learn the basics. Learn how the order types and positions work on which you can read here.

Start trading gradually

Start gradually and with the time you will find your self immersed in trading activities looking at charts and trading ideas for different markets. We should never limit ourselves to only one market, one asset, etc… Trading opportunities are everywhere, especially in volatile times like now. With trading wars going on, the FED cutting rates for the first time in 10 years, being on the brink of a recession, exciting times ahead. Times that will offer opportunities like never before as the moves that are expected are to be very big.

Opportunities are found everywhere, big trades are going to be made on Forex and the crypto markets.

This should answer the main question – Forex or Bitcoin. The answer is – trade both. Start step by step, learn how to manage your capital, learn with your mistakes and get better. It will take time, use it to become profitable in the long term. How to manage risk you can read in our article here. Don’t be afraid to experiment and be ready to lose in the beginning as this is inevitable. But if you are consistent and don’t quit one day you will become a profitable trader.

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