Why Bitcoin is important

why bitcoin

Every few decades there is a radical invention

Bitcoin is maybe the most important invention at the moment. With the world going forward and technologies advancing quicker and quicker, there is one thing that has not advanced almost for many years – money. Bitcoin is a new radical invention that changes how we think about money. There are many people who dismiss it or say that it does not have any value. But does FIAT money have any fundamental value besides our trust that it has? Money is an instrument and during our history, we used different forms of money.

For you need to understand Bitcoin today you to have a more opened mind to accept the new and different. If you decide to dive into it expect to start reading a lot and learn about how money works, the gold standard, etc… Prepare to be blown away from the knowledge that you can receive if you decide to take the red pill.

Why Bitcoin – Taking the red pill

In a world of economic uncertainties, trade wards, high tensions between countries and massive money printing through QA (quantitative easing) you are bound to see something big unfolding soon. As we are on the bring of maybe the biggest recession that we will see in our lifetimes. And you have banks doing whatever they want and overreaching, doing bad stuff and money laundering despite all the regulation put in place. What do you expect to see happening? All of the signs point to bad weather coming soon.

This may be the most severe economic recession that we will live through. Almost all of the countries have amassed debt well beyond their capabilities. For the last 10 years, we saw really extensive money printing by almost all nations. Everything that we see is paving the way for Bitcoin, for the biggest bull market that we may see unfolding in the next few years.

Opportunity for everybody

While we may see a big recession and life through turbulent times there may be a way to emerge stronger and better. This opportunity will be reserved for those who educated, for those who take the needed steps at the right time. When one thing goes down there is always something else going up. In the case of recession periods, we usually see Gold and Silver gaining value and demand as they work as a store of value.

This time we have Bitcoin

This recession that may come in the next few years will be the first one in which we have another option. The first one in which we will have Bitcoin as an option. The option to exit your country’s currency, to get involved in an asset that is deflationary and is more secure than anything else. If you learn how to secure your private keys, crypto basically becomes the most secure store of value. You can move it anywhere, send it to anyone with no limitations making you your own bank.

Many people are dismissing Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency space at the moment. But they don’t realize how badly we need it and that it matters. Maybe if you read and watch some videos of Andreas Antonopoulos you will understand why this is a truly revolutionary invention. He is one of the best people to whom you can turn for education. Check his books, watch all of his videos and be amazed.

Why Bitcoin matters?

With fundamentals stronger than ever and with a network that for the last ten years has proven that it is the most secure and stable in the world – Bitcoin matters. It matters because of its characteristics and it is needed in a world full of failing currencies. Where do you want to be in the near future? Full pockets with potentially worthless currency or having Bitcoin – the most scarce asset in the world. Don’t get me wrong, not all of the FIAT currencies will collapse soon. But for most of them, I don’t see a bright future. In the next decade, I think that we will see a change in how governments and people handle money.

And why will Bitcoin matter in the world where we live in?

Because everybody will need a currency that is neutral and a secure way to store their wealth. And Bitcoin has those characteristics for being a candidate besides gold with the main difference that the upside potential of the digital asset is much bigger. Traders love it because of its volatility and the opportunity for giant profits that you can make by trading it. If you want to know if trading Bitcoin is profitable you can read here.

For those wondering why Bitcoin is so valuable and needed here are some of the most important characteristics:

  • Decentralized
  • Neutral
  • Global
  • Independent from Central Banks and Governments
  • Censorship-resistant
  • Immutable transaction
  • Limited

These are some of the important characteristics that make Bitcoin unique. If you are now interested and want to know how to and what you need to know before buying Bitcoin you can read here.

Make sure to educate as much as you can on the basics and you will fare well in investing and overall. Having additional knowledge of how things work is never negative. Let’s go and secure our position in an asset that has the possibility to change the most important thing in this world – money.

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