Why institutions buying Bitcoin matters.

institutions buying Bitcoin

They know it and they buy it

If we reached the moment where institutions are buying Bitcoin then we are in for something truly significant in the coming years. Something very big is brewing up and you can see that everyone’s eyes are on Bitcoin. They are building for it and they are buying it. What do you think? That they will just sit and watch how something so great and revolutionary is developing and not be getting involved?

Some institutions have done their research and understand the potential of Bitcoin. Knowing that it is inevitable to succeed as it has proved itself as the most secure network in the world, it is better to be involved than on the sidelines. Institutions are buying Bitcoin heavily and high net individuals are also getting involved. Here comes the good part they are not just buying Bitcoin, they are building services for it. Some very big names that cannot just be ignored.

Institutions are building for Bitcoin!

I am certain that you know who are NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) – one of the biggest exchanges in the world owned by ICE. They are building their own exchange that will specialize in Bitcoin and it is called Bakkt. Being one of the biggest institutions and building for Bitcoin is quite the task. As they are the people getting involved in something that is new and exciting.

Venturing into this industry is still considered risky and if you want to get involved it is best to do your own research.

The next big one is Fidelity Investments Inc. (Fidelity) – one of the largest asset management companies in the world managing a staggering amount of assets valued at 6.7$ trillion. Founded as Fidelity Management & Research in 1946 by Edward C. Johnson for markets outside of the US.

Institutions like this are venturing in the crypto industry and are building for the future. They see demand for this new asset and being one of the first is to be admired.

Microsoft is building an identification system on top of the Bitcoin protocol. They are going into the open-source route, unlike Facebook. I hope to see more big names venturing and building on top of open borderless blockchains.

Something significant is brewing

With all of this development, we are bound to see more big names going into this industry. My personal opinion is that we are going to see institutions and other companies FOMOing in the very near future. Not only to buy Bitcoin but also capitalize on the market. To create their own solutions, their own private blockchains.

Maybe some will go towards the better path – to open borderless censorship-resistant blockchains. Going the private route is doomed as they cannot create a blockchain with those characteristics being bound by law.

Institutions are buying Bitcoin. But why?

If you think that the people lading those institutions don’t understand what are they up against, sorry but you are wrong. They are not stupid, they are very smart people who are very careful about what they talk about. Therefore don’t expect to see big names going out and speaking positively about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Expect more negativity from them, because Bitcoin is still new and not so easy to understand. The younger generation gets it better, but overall it is still a niche.

We are still in the beginning and they know it and some will act upon this opportunity. And as we have witnessed from history with the internet, the press machine, etc… some inventions are bound to succeed. But don’t get me wrong – in everything we do there is a risk. If you want to know why Bitcoin is important you can read here to understand it better.

Hodl and Buidl

There is a risk still present and we don’t know if we are right, we don’t know for sure if Bitcoin and other altcoins will succeed the test of time. For now, everything points out to that as we have fundamentals stronger than ever. We must continue building and educating as this is the only way, building towards a better future, a better monetary system!

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